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NOTIFICATION EVENTS: Setting Up Notification Events

Table of Contents

Viewing Notification Events
Adding or Editing Notification Events
Monitoring Scheduling Timeline and Status
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  • Notification Events are used to alert the relevant stakeholders of major steps in the academic planning schedule.

  • Administrators can customize and schedule messages to all users, specific users, or specific roles.

  • Users will be notified within the Coursedog platform and will also receive an email (if their email has been set up in the Coursedog interface).

  • The timeline of notification events will be displayed on the homepage as a means of tracking the upcoming events in the scheduling cycle.

  • You can use Future Actions as an alternative to Notification Events. Future Actions offer more robust functionality and, consequently, have replaced Notification Events for most institutions. In other words: If you don’t see Notification Events in your user interface but would like to utilize similar functionality, check out Future Actions here

Viewing Notification Events

PATH: Academic Scheduling > Settings > Notification Events


The Notification Events dashboard features all of the notification events that currently live in your platform. You will see that each event corresponds to an important date in the scheduling timeline. 


Adding or Editing Notification Events

Step One: 

  • To create a new notification event, click “+ Event” and a modal will open where you can set the details for your new event.

  • For example, you can create an event for Department Schedulers to ensure department schedules are submitted by February 21st. 



Step Two: 

  • Input the event name

  • This is how the event will appear on the Notification Events dashboard. 


Step Three: Indicate who you want to receive this notification. Options include: 


  • To All Users – Check the box if the notification should be sent to all users.

  • To Specific Users – If the notification is not being sent to all users, populate this field with the users who should receive the notification.

  • To Specific Roles – Which user roles should receive this notification.


Step Four: 

  • Input the “Send Date” (the date the notification should be sent).

  • The default send time is 9 a.m. ET on the scheduled Send Date. 


Step Five:

  • Input the email subject.

  • If you don’t input an email subject, the email will have a default subject of “Coursedog notification”. 


Step Six: Type whatever message you want to send into the “Email Body” field.


Step Seven: Click “Save Event”.


Monitoring Scheduling Timeline and Status

PATH: Academic Scheduling > Home 

  • Notification events are used to create a visual timeline for schedulers to keep up with important dates and deadlines. This will appear at the top of the user’s home page.

  • Notification Events that have passed will appear as a blue circle. Upcoming notification events will appear as a grey circle.

  • Anytime you create a new notification event, it will be added to this timeline. This way, even users that don’t receive a notification directly will be able to keep up with the timeline.


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