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Building Curriculum Approval Workflows

When a user submits a curriculum proposal, it goes through the designated approval workflow. This article will teach you how to construct approval workflows in the Coursedog curriculum platform. 

Accesing Workflows

To access your workflows, select 'Workflows' from the left navigation. From here, you can select an existing workflow to edit, or create a new workflow by selecting '+ Approval Workflow'

Building a Standard Workflow

To learn how to build a standard workflow, see this article.

Dynamic Steps in Curriculum

If you have configured the departments in your curriculum platform, you can include dynamic steps that automatically send your proposals to the appropriate department for approval. 

To use dynamic steps, you must first ensure all of your departments are properly configured.

When you have configured the workflow step for each of your departments, head to the desired workflow and select ‘+ Dynamic Step’. Select ‘Department Approvals’ and you will see a new workflow step appear in the dashboard. This new step now acts just as any other workflow step, except you do not need to configure anything within the actual workflow. When a proposal reaches that step in the workflow, it will reference the Workflow Settings from the department the proposal belongs to.

Assigning Workflows to Forms

To make sure your workflow is linked to the proper form. Head to the form editor and select your workflow in the top right. 

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