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Using the Events Calendar RSS Feed

Table of Contents

How to Do It
Additional Notes


  • You can view the events on your school’s events calendar in your favorite RSS Feed reader. 

  • Our Events’ platform’s RSS feed integration allows users to download an RSS feed of the event. 

  • This integration happens automatically and requires no client setup apart from the five easy steps outlined below.

How to Do It

Step 1: Navigate to Your Coursedog Events Site

If you don’t know the URL for your public-facing page, you can find it at Events > Home > Actions. 

Step 2: Choose How You Want to View Your Events Feed

You can filter for Featured Events (topbar), Today’s Events (topbar), Event Type (dropdown menu) or Organization (dropdown menu). 

Step 3: Look for the RSS icon on the page and click it.

Step 4: Copy the URL that’s in your address bar.

Step 5: Enter the RSS Feed into Your Favorite RSS Feed Reader

For this example, we will use Feedly.

Additional Notes

  • The RSS feed from Coursedog will return a maximum of 500 events at a time.

  • Each feed reader works a bit differently, but in this example, we have to click the “Follow” button to save the feed where we want to retrieve it.

Now, we can see the Featured Events delivered automatically to your RSS Feed Reader!

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