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PUBLIC WEBSITE: Navigating the Public Events Website

Table of Contents

Accessing the Public Events Site
Navigating the Public Events Site
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  • Coursedog makes it easy to request and publicize events through a public events website. 

  • Content is automatically generated based on events scheduled via Coursedog and the site itself. 

Accessing the Public Events Site

To navigate to your institution’s public events site, select “View Public Event Site” from the home page.  

Navigating the Public Events Site

Overview | Search | Navigation Bar | Filtering


  • Navigating the website is easy with search, a customized navigation bar, and filtering.

  • The public website features cards for each event; cards contain the most important details about the event. Each card can be expanded for more information and allows users to directly add events to their digital calendar.

Search (in the top right) allows users to directly search for specific events.

Overview | Today’s Events | Featured Events
Upcoming Events | Rooms View


The navigation bar across the top allows for easy access to the most relevant and frequently visited pages (i.e. Featured Events, Today’s Events, etc.).

Today’s Events

This view shows all events taking place today.

This will show the next 7 days’ Featured Events. 

Upcoming Events

This will show the next 7 days’ events.

Rooms View

  • This will show a view of individual room availability. 

  • You should be able to search 2+ years out. 


Events Views

Filtering allows users to filter events by event type, organization, and “include or exclude Academic Events”.

Rooms View

Use the Rooms tab, the Day/Week selector, and the “Filter by Building” and “Show Rooms” filters to show room availability on your selected dates for Rooms or Buildings.

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