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Requesting A New Event in the Public Events Site

Initiating the Request in the Public Events Site

Navigate to ‘Create an Event’ on the bottom right. Users must first select an Event Type, then they will be redirected to a public form that they can fill out. Your institution has determined which Event Forms are available on the public site.

Note that, for a form to be on the public site, the Event Type must have "Public" setting as yes (see bottom right):

Completing the Event Form in the Public Events Site

This form is the same as the internal form, except it requires the user to enter their email as well:

Note that Yes/No questions questions show up as a checkbox in the public form, as shown above.

Additionally, you may tell whether 'multi-select' is enabled or not based on the look of the field. If multi-select is enabled, the 'Event Open To' questions would look as follows:

If a Form question has multi-select enabled, keep in mind that users will need to use their keyboard to select various option on the public site by pressing CONTRL + click or COMMAND + click.

If multi-select is disabled, the 'Event Open To' field would look as follows:

The requester will always receive an email notification when submitting an Event Request. 

However, you may determine whether event contacts (in a Form's Contacts card) receive email notifications or not. Note that this setting is only for emails as they relate to the event contacts - i.e. if a user is an event requestor, they will receive an email regardless of how this setting was defined for event contacts. Additionally, if the requestor is the same as the contact, but the contact has "send email notifications" to off, the requestor will still get an email notification.

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