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Creating and Editing an Event

Creating an Event


To create an event, select the “events” tab, and click “+ New Event” at the top of the screen

A card will pop up for you to specify general information about your event:

Selecting “MORE OPTIONS” at the bottom of the card will allow you to add additional information to your event such as:

  • Necessary resources and services

  • Set up and teardown time

  • Contacts who can (optionally) receive update emails regarding the event

  • An image to be displayed on your public facing website

  • Whether or not the event is “featured”

  • Whether or not the event is private

Editing Events


Depending on your permissions, you are allowed to make changes to any event on your website.

To edit an event in coursedog, navigate to the events tab, select the event you would like to edit and click “edit event”. At the top of the screen a banner will show that you are in edit mode:

You will now be able to change any field in the event’s form. When you are finished you can click “Save Changes” to publish your edited event. This will update your public facing events site in real time.

Editing Event Type


In permissions for Events, there is now a permission under the permission group "Events" called "Edit Event Type". This permission is allows a user to edit the event type of an existing event. This is different from the permission under the permission group "Settings" called "Edit Event Types", which allows a user to edit all the event type settings.

If a user has this permission on, they will see an "Edit Event Type" button in the Event Actions sidebar.

Clicking that button will open up the following modal:

The modal allows users to change the event type of the event.

Note: The event type also defines the custom fields associated with an event via the event form. If you change the event type, you will no longer see any custom event fields associated with that event type.

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