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Editing and/or Generating Event Contracts and Downloading Invoices

If users have the ability to edit and/or generate contracts and/or download invoices (as defined in Settings > Roles), they will see buttons for these permissions in the Events page.

If a user chooses to edit a contract, the input will be pre-populated with the default contract associated with the event type. This allows users to make ad-hoc changes to a contract that are specific to a single event:

However, when a user chooses to Download a contract - they will also be given an ability to edit. The difference is these edits will not save - these edits are primarily for users to "fill in the blanks" before downloading a contract (i.e. if you need to specify a date, name, address or other details, you can do so right before downloading the contract). 


Note that all contracts come with the invoice appended at the end, and the custom logo that your Administrator had uploaded into theapplication (Admin panel > 'Logo & Styling') will be displayed in the top left of the generated PDF.

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