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GENERAL TECHNICAL: How does Coursedog utilize performance testing?


Coursedog utilizes performance testing to ensure the stability of our system and any third-party system.


Coursedog uses Locust IO to simulate the swarming of user behavior at customizable levels during performance testing.


  1. Coursedog reviews historical logs to determine average POST/PUT requests/minutes for a single during standard business hours.

    1. If the system is not in production, we will utilize a heuristic assumption to gather that data (usually between 10-20 requests per minute per user)

  2. Coursedog generates a randomized set of requests to replicate normal user behavior

  3. Coursedog uses to swarm our system at varying levels of users. We will tranche the users into the following segments

    1. Low usage

    2. Medium usage

    3. High Usage

  4. Coursedog examines our database and server metrics during each of the following periods above to examine the impact of the test.

    1. If the performance testing includes performance testing the SIS integration, we will record response times of all integration requests to determine if SIS experiences noticeable delays during times of peak performance.

Common Tests

The following are tests we have previously run - but can be adjusted on a school-by-school basis.

  • 10,000 users performing the same action in a single minute

  • 300,000 users performing the same action over the course of several minutes

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