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PEOPLESOFT: Missing Employee Records Issue


This is an issue with the Peoplesoft SIS systems where an instructor can have a duplicate ID. This impacts the Employee Records we are able to load into the system. A possible source of missing employee records in Coursedog can be because of a duplicate Instructor ID in Peoplesoft.

Summary of Issue

The instructor employee record was not appearing to select because the record of interest is a duplicate id record in Peoplesoft. Duplicate ids appear when the search match fails in Peoplesoft to uniquely identify a person. When such duplicates are created it is possible that the person record might not have an associated job or employee record. When the instructors are selected against a person table such issues can occur.

How To Resolve

Generally Peoplesoft clients have an in house process such ID Merge or ID Delete processes to address the duplicate ID issues. As best practice set the configuration for the Edit Instructor against on the Academic Organization page to "Instructor/Advisor", if possible within the realm of the school's business processes.

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