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INTEGRATIONS: Common PowerCampus Merge Errors

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Course Cannot be Found in the Course Catalog in Scheduling
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  • Student Information System (SIS) platforms have certain requirements that must be met in order for data to be accepted during a merge. If those requirements are not met, a merge error can occur. 

  • This article captures common merge errors for PowerCampus.

  • Many errors can be prevented by creating a rule in Coursedog; learn more about rules here.

  • For a look at additional integration errors that can occur regardless of SIS, go here.

  • For a general overview of managing merge errors, go here.

  • If you are unable to resolve a merge error by following the directions noted below and you aren’t yet live, reach out to your Project Manager. If you are fully implemented, open a support ticket (and alert your Customer Success Manager as well). 

Course Cannot be Found in the Course Catalog in Scheduling

Name of Error in Merge Report

Failed creating section because {courseId}/{subtype} is not in the course catalog


Failed creating section because ADV57075/CRSE is not in the course catalog


  • In PowerCampus when creating a section for a course, the subtype must match one of the subtypes that has been set at the course level.

  • If a subtype is selected that does not exist for the course, the integration will not be able to identify the course in the course catalog. This will cause this merge error and prevent the user from creating the section. 

Best Practice / How to Resolve

In order to resolve this error, the user should select a valid subtype for the section.

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