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Can you use keyboard shortcuts in WYSIWYG fields?


  • General markdown syntax and some keyboard shortcuts work in Coursedog’s WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text box.

  • However, there aren’t keyboard shortcuts available for all of the tools displayed in the WYSIWYG toolbar.


Shortcuts that work in our WYSIWYG editor include:

  1. Undo – Cmd+Z (Mac), Ctrl+Z (PC)

  2. Redo – Cmd+Shift+Z (Mac), Ctrl+Y (PC)

  3. Bold – Cmd+B (Mac), Ctrl+B (PC)

  4. Ital – Cmd+I (Mac), Ctrl+I (PC)

  5. Underline – Cmd+U (Mac), Ctrl + U (PC)

  6. Select All Text – Cmd+A (Mac), Ctrl+A (PC)

  7. Copy Text – Cmd+C (Mac), Ctrl+C (PC)

  8. Cut Text – Cmd+X (Mac), Ctrl+X (PC)

  9. Paste Text – Cmd+V (Mac), Ctrl+V (PC)

  10. Horizontal Line – - - - 

  11. Numbered List – New line starting with “1.”

  12. Bulleted List – New line starting with “*” + (Space bar)

  13. Quote – New line starting with “>” + (Space bar)

  14. Header Level 1 – Ctrl+Shift+1 

  15. Header Level 2 – Ctrl+Shift+2 

  16. Header Level 3 – Ctrl+Shift+3 

What is the underlying format used for your WYSIWYG editor?

  • The underlying format is a HTML/JSON content tree.

  • Our WYSIWYG editor was built using a toolkit for building rich text editors; RTF content pasted into our WYSIWYG editor should retain most of its formatting.

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