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GENERAL TECHNICAL: Ongoing Maintenance FAQs

Table of Contents
Script Updates
SIS Outages
Product Releases
Product Outages
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This article captures common maintenance-related questions that pop up as customers near the end of their implementation. 

Script Updates

How will SIS script updates be handled once we are live? 

  • Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) will communicate to the team when any script updates will be necessary.

  • We will provide as much notice as possible, planning at least 1-2 weeks in advance. 

  • The Coursedog team will work with N2N or AMSA (if part of your integration) as well as your IT Team to apply scripts to your SIS.

  • The functional team will be provided time for testing and approval, to promote scripts to Production. If there are any timing considerations and coordination with Coursedog integrations teams, we will discuss the timeline and confirm that the plan works for all parties.

Who will we work with on the Coursedog side to get things wired up?

Your CSM will work with the Coursedog Support team and Data Engineers as necessary to confirm APIs are functioning as expected and merges run, if needed.  

How much lead time is provided and will anyone from the Coursedog team help to coordinate with middleware (if needed)?

If your integration includes N2N or AMSA middleware, your CSM will coordinate with both the middleware provider and any necessary Coursedog technical team members when updates are needed. We target at least 1-2 weeks lead time before any script updates. 

When scripts are applied to production, will this require any downtime where users are not logged in?

Downtime will not be required; however, Coursedog may need to turn off Real Time or Nightly merges during the update. 

SIS Outages

What should I do if our SIS has scheduled downtime? 

If your institution’s Student Information System (SIS) has a planned outage, everything you need to do is outlined here.

Product Releases

How do product releases work? And how often will new releases appear? 

Our product release cycle – including change management process and timing for both Staging and Production – is outlined here.

How will I hear about new releases? 

We send out biweekly release notes to primary account owners; you can learn how those work here. Additionally, if you’d like updates on any feature requests you’ve submitted, reach out to your current Coursedog contact (Project Manager or CSM) .

If I find an issue with a new enhancement, how do I report it? 

If you notice any issues with a new enhancement, whether it’s in staging or production, please report that by opening a support ticket.

Product Outages

How are scheduled and unscheduled production outages communicated to customers?

Once a new version is deployed, it replaces the old one and it should be mostly instant and not affecting users. However, we do run our production releases outside of business hours for extra safety. In the case of a true outage, your CSM will communicate the issue and an ETA on resolution. 

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