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GENERAL TECHNICAL: Generating a HAR File for Troubleshooting


  • HTTP Archive (HAR) files log what is going on in the backend.

  • Our support team might occasionally ask customers for a HAR file to assist with troubleshooting more complicated errors. 

  • This article walks you through how to create a HAR file in Google Chrome.

Capturing a HAR File in Google Chrome

Do not close the Coursedog or Developer Tools window when following the below steps. Only close the window once you've finished exporting  the HAR file.

Step 1: Open Coursedog in a window/tab. 

Step 2: Open “Developer tools” by either hitting F12 (shortcut) or

  • Click the hamburger/kebab (⋮) menu.

  • Select “More tools” and then “Developer tools”.

Step 3: Click the “Network” tab.

Step 4: 

  • Make sure the “Record” button is turned on (red).

  • Check “Preserve log”.

Step 5: Click the “circle with slash” icon to clear the existing log.

Step 6: Reproduce the issue in Coursedog. 

Step 7: Click the download icon to export the HAR file.

Step 8: Attach the file to your email response to Coursedog support. 

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