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Individual Entity Merge Settings


Coursedog integrations rely on a Default Source of Truth (DSOT) to determine how to resolve conflicts. This is generally configured at the entity type level when integrating our products. 

Review the following articles for more information on how merges and conflict resolution work in Coursedog:

For example, Rooms often utilize an Always Institution DSOT because this is data that should flow from the institution's SIS to Coursedog and little no changes should occur in Coursedog. 

However, there are scenarios in which specific entities need to have different DSOT settings applied to protect data or ensure updates. The Coursedog platform now allows users to control merge settings for specific objects in the Class Scheduling and Events Applications.


As mentioned above, the Coursedog implementation team and institution's administrators configure DSOT for each object tyep through the Admin > Merge Settings panel. Overriding this setting for an individual entity or object requires adjusting the configuration for that entity template to expose a new setting titled Object Merge Settings.

Adding Prebuilt Question to Template

Refer to Configuring Templates and Field Options for general instructions.

To enable this feature, drag and drop the Object Merge Settings prebuilt field to the relevant template

Once placed in your template, you can configure additional options for the field. 

We recommend leaving the default blank so that it uses the value defined at the entity type and merge settings. 

This field may require additional training for users to fully understand its use. To avoid merge errors, we recommend restricting access by role to administrators or registrars unless use cases require general access. 

Supported Entities/Objects

The prebuilt Object Merge Settings field is available in the following applications and templates.

ApplicationEntities/Object Templates
Class SchedulingSection, Instructor, Room


This field itself should always be set to "Always Coursedog" in the corresponding entity type merge settings field exceptions, otherwise it could be erased in a merge. If not available to select from the list of fields, enter a custom field exception for the path objectMergeSettings

Any field exceptions will still apply as defined on merge settings. So if for rooms the DSOT is "Always Institution" and there is a field exception for capacity to "Resolve as Institution", even if a particular room has Object Merge Setting = "Always Coursedog" the capacity for that room may be updated by the integration. 

If Object Merge Settings field is not set on the form, or on the form and not set, there is no change to behavior: the entity will just take default merge settings from the entity type definition in Merge Settings. 

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