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3. Departments in Class Scheduling

3.1 Overview

An academic department is an organizational unit to which courses are associated. Once configured, the department becomes useful as a way to filter courses and course section offerings throughout the application. Department filters are available on list pages, sandboxes, and various reports where applicable.

To view the list of departments in the system, select the 'Departments' option under 'Settings.' 

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3.2 Monitoring Departmental Status

On the admin dashboard, Coursedog provides a view for monitoring departmental status. This will provide the 'Department Display Name,' the schedulers associated with that department, the number of courses, the number of sections, the number of conflicts (rule violations/errors) and the Status. 

Status can either be 'Not Started' (to indicate that no editing activity has occurred at the department level), 'In Progress' (to indicate that the department has started submitting their schedule), or 'Complete' (which means the department has submitted their schedule and is not submitting edits anymore). When a schedule is 'Complete,' there are no actions to take besides remembering to check your requests dashboard for any exception/change requests. 

In most cases, Departments will be pre-loaded onto the Coursedog platform during the technical integration process with your SIS or through a CSV upload. However, if you need to add or edit Departments manually, the following article sections provide guidance on how to do so.

3.3 Adding Departments

If academic section data is being imported from the SIS, subject records will be automatically added to Coursedog as they are imported. However, subject records can also be manually added and edited directly in Coursedog as well.

To add a Department, click the 'Add a Department' button in the top left of the Department page. 

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Proceed to enter the department display name (shorthand dept. name that will appear on screen), full name, subject code (code that corresponds to an area of study to which courses are assigned), detail the status as 'Active' or 'Inactive,' and click 'Add' to save. You may also detail effective start and end dates (if effective dates are defined, then the home page will filter out departments whose effective dates do not encompass the viewing term dates).

3.4 Editing Departments

To edit a Department, go to Settings > Departments > *select Department* and the following module will pop up for you to make adjustments to any fields and 'Save' when done:


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