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ROOMS: Configuring the Room Template

Table of Contents

Adding Cards
Adding Questions/Fields
Question Settings
Removing Questions or Fields
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The Room Template (found at Events > Settings > Room Template) is used to build the default room record within the Events management platform. You are able to define all the fields that should be associated with a room.

Adding Cards

The Room Template is categorized by Cards. When you first visit the Room Template, you will only see the auto-generated card titled “Room”, but you may add a card above by clicking on the blue “+” sign at the right of the existing card (or below, by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on “Add Card”).

Adding Questions/Fields

Overview | Adding/Moving Questions | Custom Fields | Prebuilt Fields


  • All cards can have questions added or removed from them.

  • Questions are listed in the “Question Bank” and are divided between Custom Fields and Pre-built Fields, as shown in the left-hand sidebar of the Section Template.

  • This distinction is made to ensure that users do not accidentally add custom fields for fields that are hard-coded in the system.

Adding/Moving Questions

  • To add a question/field to a card, simply drag it from the Question Bank and drop it onto the card.

  • Once a field is on a card, it can be moved around to other cards by dragging and dropping it.

Custom Fields

If a user adds a custom field, it will be clearly labeled with a “Custom Question” flag.

Prebuilt Fields


There are several prebuilt fields available to add to your template. This section features two of those, both pertaining to Room Cost. 

Room Cost

Overview | Downstream Effect | Calculations


  • You can add the pre-built “Room Fixed Cost” and/or “Room Hourly Cost” field to your Room Template.

  • Adding these field(s) to your template allows you to define the cost of booking a single meeting in any given room.

  • These fields are used in calculations of invoices (shown below).

Downstream Effect

When creating an invoice for an event, the hourly cost will be multiplied by the number of hours of each meeting.


When selecting a room, the room cost will display both the fixed cost and hourly cost.


In the room select modal in the public site, the modal will only display the room's fixed cost (not the hourly cost).


  • The hourly room cost is multiplied by the number of hours for the event, and this is added to the fixed cost (if applicable) to arrive at the  “Total” cost.

  • The number of hours of the event is always rounded up. For example, if an event takes place from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM, the number of hours will equal two (2). If an event takes place 8:00 AM - 10:05 AM, the number of hours will equal three (3). You can confirm the number of hours for the event in the invoice under “Meeting”.

Question Settings

Overview | Question Type | Is Required | Editable | Configurable


  • If you click into a field that you’ve added to your card, its Question Settings will appear in the left sidebar.

  • This will allow you to customize more nuanced functionality related to the field. For example, you can determine if a field should be required, or be editable or configurable only by certain Roles.

Question Type

The “Question Type” describes which format a question's answer should be in (i.e. if the answer should be text, a date, a number, etc.). This is indicated within any given question’s settings but is also denoted by the icon associated with it, as shown below for Custom Fields. 

Is Required

Check this box to make this a required field that end users must fill out.


  • Use this to determine whether or not a field is editable and, if so, by whom. 

  • If the box isn’t checked, that means this field will NOT be editable to end users. 

  • If the box is checked, you can additionally limit which roles can edit this field by selecting applicable role(s) from the dropdown menu. You can select multiple roles, if needed.

  • If the “Editable” box is checked but no specific roles are selected, the field will be editable to all roles.


  • The “configurable” setting impacts who can modify and/or remove this field on the template itself. 

  • Learn more about how this works here

Removing Questions or Fields

To remove a field from your template, select its red trash can.

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