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EVENTS INTEGRATIONS: Configuring Your Stripe Integration Within Coursedog

Table of Contents

How It Works
How to Do It
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  • Coursedog’s Stripe integration allows users to connect their Coursedog account to a Stripe account in order to edit event prices, share Events data from Coursedog to Stripe, automatically add Stripe invoice links to Coursedog Event Invoice PDFs, and accept payment for events through Stripe. Learn more about Using Your Stripe Integration.

  • If you haven’t yet created a Stripe account and connected it to Coursedog, read our Connecting Your Stripe Account to Coursedog article – you will need to do that before you configure your Stripe integration.

  • Once your Stripe account is connected to Coursedog, you can start configuring it (outlined below). 

How It Works

  • The Stripe integration requires configuration at the Event Type and Event Form level.

  • Users can choose which Event Types and Event Forms are likely to require invoicing via Stripe and configure only those Event Types and Forms to support this option, or they can apply these options to all Types and Forms if required. 

How to Do It

Step 1: Navigate to any Event Form and open the Pre-Built Questions list.

Step 2: 

  • Select the “Invoice Details” question and drag/drop it into the form.

  • Adding this field to your template is what enables a Stripe invoice link to appear on a PDF and be used by an end user.

Step 3: 

  • Click the “Edit” icon at the bottom right hand corner of the “Invoice Details” question.

  • Coursedog suggests limiting Editability and Visibility only to users who will be editing event pricing and creating and sending invoices, such as Admins and Super Admins (see Additional Information below for more details).

Additional Information

Overview | Event Price | Invoiced Event Price | Stripe Invoice Checkbox | Payment Instructions


  • The “Invoice Details” question displays the following fields and information: Event Price, Invoiced Event Price, Stripe Invoice Checkbox, and Payment Instructions.

  • If the Visibility configuration covered in Step 3 is not limited to Admins, end users requesting events will be able to see this field. The suggested use for this field is for Admins to use internally when editing event pricing and generating Stripe links to share with the customer. 

  • Limiting Editability and Visibility to only Admins or similar roles allows the end user to request an event without seeing this field, and then for Admins to fill out these details internally before sending out a Couresdog PDF Invoice or a Stripe invoice.

Event Price

This is the total event price calculated by the prices set for the Rooms, Resources, and discount applied to all meetings within the Event.

Invoiced Event Price

  • Think of this as an option to override “Event Price.” 

  • Assigning a value to “Invoiced Event Price” edits the “Event Price” on your Coursedog PDF invoice and on your Stripe invoice.

  • For example, if the Event Price is $1,200 but I would like to give the user an additional discount of $300, entering a value of 900 in “Invoiced Event Price” allows for that customization.

Stripe Invoice Checkbox

  • Check this box to add the Stripe Invoice link to your Coursedog Invoice PDF.

  • Do not check this box if you would not like to generate a Stripe invoice for this event.

Payment Instructions

This is a text field to enter any instructions for the user concerning payment.

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