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ORGANIZATIONS: Setting Up Organizations

Table of Contents

Creating a New Organization
Finding an Existing Organization
Editing & Deleting Organizations
Adding & Editing Contacts
Viewing Organization-Affiliated Events
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PATH: Events > Organizations

  • An organization is a customer, organization, or another entity used in event scheduling to which one or more individual contacts are associated.

  • Coursedog allows institutions to define organizations by creating these groups in-app and maintaining contacts for each.

  • Both the organization and contact record are used during event scheduling.

  • These organizations are used to schedule events and help categorize events.

Creating a New Organization


  • You can add organizations manually (directions below) or via CSV.

  • To add via CSV, reach out to your Project Manager. 

Adding Organizations Manually

  1. Click the Organizations tab on the left-hand navigation bar. This will take you to the “organizations” dashboard.

  2. To add a new organization, simply click “Add Organization” and enter the name and type of the organization.

  3. Select whether or not the organization should be public. 

    1. Public Organizations – Appear on the public-facing events website, allowing users to filter and search for public organizations.

    2. Non-Public Organizations – Will not appear on the public-facing events website. However, users will be able to select these non-public organizations if they are requesting an event directly within the Coursedog.

  4. Click “Add New Organization”.

Finding an Existing Organization

  • Click the Organizations tab on the left-hand navigation bar.

  • If you know all or part of the organization name, enter the name in the search field in the top right.

  • Click on an organization name to view additional details.

Editing & Deleting Organizations

Follow the below steps to edit an organization’s settings. 

Step 1: Navigate to Events > Organizations > (Select Organization).

Step 2: Click “Organization Settings”.

Step 3: In the organization settings page, you can edit the name, type, and contacts of the organization; determine whether or not it’s public; and delete the organization.

Adding & Editing Contacts

Adding contacts to Organizations allows users to be notified if an event is scheduled or modified for their organization.

Adding Contacts

  1. To add contacts to an organization, follow the steps outlined above under “Editing and Deleting Organizations” and then click “+ Add New Contact”.

  2. Enter in the contact information for this person.

  3. Click the checkbox "Send Email Notifications" if you want this person to be notified when organization events are added or edited. To learn more about Automatic Event Notifications, click here.

Editing Contacts

To edit existing contacts, follow the steps outlined above under “Editing and Deleting Organizations” and then simply click into the name field you wish to edit for any given contact; this will activate the “editing” ability.

Viewing Organization-Affiliated Events

To view the events associated with any given organization:

  1. Navigate to Events > Organizations.
  2. Select the organization. 
  3. Choose between the “List View” and “Calendar View”. 
    1. List View – Allows you to view a list of all events scheduled for the organization.
    2. Calendar View – Allows you to view events scheduled for the organization on a calendar (month, week, and day views available).
  4. Click “Show Academic Events” to pull in the class schedule and further determine availability.

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