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EVENTS INTEGRATIONS: Connecting Crestron Displays to Google Admin Resource Calendars

Table of Contents

Google Workspace
Connecting a Google Admin Resource Calendar to a Crestron Display
Additional Note


  • Coursedog’s Crestron integration has two parts:

  1. The connection between Coursedog and Google Admin Resource Calendars and 

  2. The connection between Google Admin Resource Calendars and individual Crestron displays.

  • The following steps illustrate how to connect Google Admin Resource Calendars to the corresponding Crestron displays.

  • If at any point in this process, you encounter a step that you are unfamiliar with, for which you do not have permissions, or for which you do not believe your school has done any required previous steps (for example, if your Crestron displays are not already connected to the internet), please reach out to your CSM for more information. 

Google Workspace

  • If you do not already have a Google Workspace account, you can create one by following the steps here: Get Started

  • If a Google Workspace account already exists on campus, contact a Google Admin user to grant you Admin access if you are not able to access the Admin view.

Connecting a Google Admin Resource Calendar to a Crestron Display


  • Follow Steps 1-9 if you have not already created Resources in your Google Workspace.

  • If you have already created Resources, skip to Step 10. 

How to Do It

Step 1: Once you’ve created or gained access to your school’s Google Workspace account, navigate to Admin Home.

Step 2: Open “Buildings and resources”.

Step 3: Select “Manage resources”.

Step 4: Open the dropdown beneath the search bar and select “Buildings”.

Step 5 (If adding buildings one-by-one)

  • Select “Add building” to add buildings one-by-one. 

  • To add buildings in bulk, skip steps 5-6 and proceed to Step 7. 

Step 6: Add building information.

Step 7 (If adding buildings in bulk): Use the “Bulk upload” button to upload Buildings via CSV.

Step 8: Once a Building is created, return to “Resource Management” and select “Resources” from the dropdown.

Step 9: Use the “Add new resource” button to add an individual Room (this Room will be tied to the Crestron display outside the Room).

Or, to bulk upload Rooms via CSV, use the “Bulk upload resources” option.

Step 10

  • Enter Crestron Web Configuration.

  • This step is completed in a web browser on a computer, NOT on the Crestron display itself.

  • To enter Crestron Web Configuration, take the following steps:

    1. Place 5 fingers on the screen and hold for up to 20 seconds to return to the Setup page.

    2. Enter the IP address from the display into your browser in the following format:
      - Example:

    3. Enter your panel credentials.

You’ll be taken to the “Status” view of the panel for which you entered the IP address above.

Step 11: Click the “Settings” tab and open the “Schedule” section.

Step 12

  • Return to the Room home page in Google Admin. 

  • Navigate Admin Home > Directory > Buildings and Resources > Manage Resources > Select Room.

Step 13

  • Copy the “Resource email” from the box on the left hand side of the page.

  • Be sure to copy the full email address as highlighted in the second screenshot.

    • Example:

Step 14: Return to the Crestron Web Configuration site and to the “Schedule” section of the “Settings” tab.

Step 15: Choose “Google” from the “Schedule Source” dropdown.

Step 16

Step 17 (Important): 

Part 1

  • PAUSE at this stage.

  • Confirm the Crestron display itself is ON and showing the “Calendar Offline” view (below). 

  • If your display is showing this view, you can skip to Step 18. 

  • If the display is showing the Setup view (below), these settings will not save, and you will need to proceed to Part 2 of this step. 

Part 2

Follow the below steps to reboot the display and return to the “Calendar Offline” view.

  1. Open “Application Selection”.

  1. Choose “Crestron Default”.

  2. Tap “Save & Exit”.

Step 18

  • Once the display has returned to the “Calendar Offline” view, click “Save Pages” in the “Schedule” section of the “Settings” tab of the Crestron Web Configuration page.

  • You should see a spinner and then a green box in the upper right hand corner of the computer screen confirming that your changes were saved successfully

Step 19: Open the “Status” tab and then the “Schedule” section.

Step 20

  • In the “Google” section, you’ll see a Google Registration URL and a “Google Registration Code”.

  • Copy the code and click the URL.

Step 21: Enter the code into the view provided at the URL.

Step 22

  • Allow Crestron to access your Google Account (first screenshot).

  • You’ll then see a confirmation screen (second screenshot).

Step 23

  • Return to the “Schedule” section. 

  • Confirm that Connection Status = Connected and Google Registration Status = Registered.

  • If so, that means that the display is connected to Google Calendar and is fully configured.

Additional Note

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