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EVENTS INTEGRATIONS: Setting Up the Crestron Integration in Coursedog

Table of Contents

Connecting Coursedog to a Google Admin Resource Calendar
Additional Note
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  • Coursedog’s Crestron integration has two parts:

  1. The connection between Coursedog and Google Admin Resource Calendars and 

  2. The connection between Google Admin Resource Calendars and individual Crestron displays.

  • The following steps illustrate Part 1 – connecting Google Admin Resources (the equivalent of Coursedog Rooms) to the corresponding Coursedog Room.

  • If at any point in this process, you encounter a step that you are unfamiliar with, for which you do not have permissions, or for which you do not believe your school has done any required previous steps (for example, you do not have Resources created in your Google Workspace), please reach out to your Customer Success contact (Project Manager or Customer Success Manager) for more information. 

Connecting Coursedog to a Google Admin Resource Calendar

Step 1: Navigate to Events > Settings > Integrations (bottom tab in Settings menu).

Step 2: Click “Connect” under “Google Calendar Integration”.

Step 3

  • Step 2 will open the “Choose an account” screen in Google.

  • Select the account that gives you access to your Google Workspace (this account should have Workspace Admin access).

  • You might be asked to sign into that account, or the sign-in step might be skipped. 

Step 4

  • After signing in, you’ll be returned to the Integrations tab, and you’ll see a “Working correctly” badge next to “Integration Status.”

  • This confirms that Coursedog is now connected to your Google Workspace account.

Step 5: Navigate to the Room Template in Coursedog (Events > Settings > Room Template).

Step 6: Click “Prebuilt Fields” to see the “Google Resource Email” field. 

Step 7: Drag and drop that field onto the Room Template.

Step 8: Click “Save” to save the updated Room Template.

Step 9

  • Navigate back to the Events homepage and open the Rooms tab.

  • Complete the remaining steps for each room you would like to connect to a Crestron display.

Step 10: Select the room and open “Room Settings.” 

Step 11

  • In Google Admin, locate the “Resource email” of that room that you have already created in Google Workspace.

  • To do this, from the Google Admin Homepage, navigate to Directory > Buildings and Resources > Manage Resources.

Step 12

  • Select the Room from the Resources list and copy the “Resource email”.

  • Be sure to copy the full text of the email address, including

Step 13

  • In Coursedog, paste this into the "Google Resource Email” field in General Room Settings.

  • This change will auto-save.

  • This room is now integrated with Google Resource Calendar; events created in this room will appear on the Google Resource Calendar.


  • You might initially see a warning on the Google Resource Calendar that reads: “Events from one or more calendars could not be shown here because you do not have the permission to view them.” 

  • If you see this warning, wait a few minutes and refresh (repeat if necessary). This will eventually disappear and the event will appear. 

  • This will only happen the first time Coursedog attempts to pass an event to the Google Resource Calendar.

Step 14:

Step 15: Repeat steps 10-14 for every room you wish to integrate. 

Additional Note

Once you’ve completed the above steps, Events created in Coursedog will appear on this Google Resource Calendar (and only this Google Resource Calendar) as well as on the connected Crestron display.

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