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EVENTS INTEGRATIONS: Connecting Your Stripe Account to Coursedog

Table of Contents

Connecting Stripe and Coursedog
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  • Coursedog’s Stripe integration allows users to connect their Coursedog account to a Stripe account in order to edit event prices, share Events data from Coursedog to Stripe, automatically add Stripe invoice links to Coursedog Event Invoice PDFs, and accept payment for events through Stripe.

  • Users can connect Coursedog to an existing Stripe account, create a new Stripe account and connect it to Coursedog, or create and connect an account in the same flow from within Coursedog.

Connecting Stripe and Coursedog

Step 1: Navigate to Events > Settings > Integrations > Stripe Integration

Step 2: 

  • If your institution does not already have a Stripe account, skip to Step 3. 

  • If your institution already has a Stripe account, enter the Account ID and click “Connect Existing Stripe” account. 

    • You should see a “Working correctly” status indicator.

    • Once you see this, you have finished setup.

Don’t Know Your Account ID?

Step A: Open your Stripe Dashboard.

Step B: Open Settings in the top right hand corner.

Step C: Click “Profile.”

Step D

  • Towards the bottom of the page, you will see an “Accounts” section.

  • You can find your Account ID listed there.

Step 3: 

  • Click the “Create Stripe Account & Connect” button in the Coursedog UI. 

  • As an alternative to Steps 3-4, you could create your own Stripe account manually and then connect it to Coursedog via the steps outlined above in Step 2.

Step 4: 

  • After clicking “Create Stripe Account & Connect”, you will be taken to Stripe’s own “Get started with Stripe” page (Screenshot 1 below).

  • Follow the prompts on the screen to create your Stripe account and connect it to Coursedog. 

  • To create a working Stripe account, you will need some financial information, so you might need to ask for support from a colleague with access to that information.

  • Once you complete that process, you will see the same “Working correctly” status indicator shown above under Step 2.

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