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Administrator Interface - Contemporary Catalog

Table of Contents

Admin Settings 
Hosting a Historical Catalog
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The administrator interface offers a number of options to assist administrators in the creation and maintenance of all catalogs in Coursedog. 

Admin Settings 

Catalogs Tab | Sidebar | Request Settings

The internal Contemporary Catalog tool contains the following settings pages that are intended to be updated by administrators only. 


Catalogs Tab

This page contains a view of all catalogs in your Coursedog environment. From this page you can generate a PDF of any catalog in the system, as well as clone a catalog, which will create a new catalog with an exact copy of the pages that exist in the original. 



In Contemporary Catalog, the "sidebar" is actually the secondary navigation under the topbar. 


Request Settings

PATH: Catalog > Settings > Requests

At the above path, Admins can determine which workflow is used whenever a catalog change request is submitted. Simply click the dropdown menu and select the workflow you want to use for change requests. 


Hosting a Historical Catalog

  • Coursedog allows you to host historical Catalogs for your faculty / students via the use of URLs (non-Vanity).

  • Alternatively, if a core vanity URL has been defined for your catalog, you can branch new URLs off of that core. 

  • You can create as many as you need.

  • Learn more about creating URLs here


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