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Administrator Interface - Contemporary Catalog

Table of Contents

Admin Settings 
Hosting a Historical Catalog
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The administrator interface offers a number of options to assist administrators in the creation and maintenance of all catalogs in Coursedog. 

Admin Settings 

Catalogs Tab | Sidebar | Request Settings

The internal Contemporary Catalog tool contains the following settings pages that are intended to be updated by administrators only. 


Catalogs Tab

This page contains a view of all catalogs in your Coursedog environment. From this page you can generate a PDF of any catalog in the system, as well as clone a catalog, which will create a new catalog with an exact copy of the pages that exist in the original. 



In Contemporary Catalog, the "sidebar" is actually the secondary navigation under the topbar. 


Request Settings

PATH: Catalog > Settings > Requests

At the above path, Admins can determine which workflow is used whenever a catalog change request is submitted. Simply click the dropdown menu and select the workflow you want to use for change requests. 


Hosting a Historical Catalog

Coursedog allows you to host historical Catalogs for your faculty / students via the use of ""  URLs (non-Vanity URL) which you can create as many as needed.


Step One: Go to the Admin Console and select Catalog URLs from the side Navigation Bar. 


Step Two: Click on " + ADD URL"  toward the top of the page in blue text.


Step Three: 

  • Fill out the URL information with the radio next to “ Sub domain” selected, then click the “ADD” button at the bottom of the box when finished.

  • This typically will take about 30 - 60 seconds to generate and be ready for use but certain scenarios can make the URL take 24 hours to be active. Please contact the Coursedog team if any URL takes longer than 24 hours for generation / becoming active.


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