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Department Settings - Contemporary Catalog


Those with access to Department Settings can determine which tabs will be visible in the online catalog. Select tabs can be further configured depending on which columns you would like to be visible. 

Setting Up Department Pages 

PATH: Catalog > Settings > Departments

Entities Tab

The “entities” tab lists all departments and allows you to view/edit the Department’s Profile as it appears in Curriculum Management. You can: 

  • Configure settings (including a Department Image) for each department.

  • View forms associated with this department.

  • View drafts associated with this department.

  • View proposals associated with this department. 

  • Add users to this department.

  • Configure workflow settings specific to each department (e.g. add participants and  committees).

Layout Configuration Tab

  • Changes made under this tab will apply to ALL departments. 

  • Available tabs include overview, faculty, programs, and courses. 

  • To enable a tab on the public Catalog, toggle the tab to the right (“on”). 

    • Only tabs with populated information will be displayed

  • The faculty, programs, and courses tabs provide additional configuration options.

    • Check the box of any columns you would like to display in the catalog.

    • At least one displayed field must be required (i.e. fully populated), to avoid blank rows.

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