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Saving Views

This feature is available in the following pages:

  • Events
  • Rooms
  • Resources
  • Organizations
  • Buildings


Some users only view specific events or rooms. For example, the head of the Arts department may only be interested in events put on by the departments of Arts & Art History. In order to avoid having to apply the same filters each time you enter the events or rooms tabs, you can “save views” which allows you to automatically view the calendar or list of events or rooms with filters that you save in one click. You can save views from the Events page, as well as the pages for Resources, Rooms, Organizations and Buildings. 


Let’s take a look at this in action. If the head of the arts department wants to see upcoming events they would select the Events tab and click on 'Filter' in the top right.

Once the filter has been set, they would click 'Save As' in the bottom left.

They can now access a view with this filter applied from the home page, or from the events page by clicking on 'Saved Views':



A view is a combination of page + filters. So if you save a view on the Events Calendar page and then later decide to select that view from the home page, you will be automatically directed to the Events Calendar page with the filter applied.

If you are a Class Scheduling customer, you may also use saved filters to if you would like to display Academic Events by default in the Events platform. You can save a view where 'Display Academic Events' is set to 'true', and then selecting this view in a given user's profile's Account Settings.

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