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6. Assigning Rooms

6.1 Overview

The final step to completing your schedule is assigning rooms to your sections. Just like meeting patterns, rooms can be assigned manually or via the optimizer. We recommend you start by manually assigning any rooms you are certain about, and then leave the rest to the optimizer for quick and easy assignment. 

6.2 Assigning Rooms Manually

You can assign rooms to sections in the same place you assign instructors and meeting patterns:

Option 1: In the section dropdown, select the empty field under 'Room.'

Option 2: Open the section editor. If you are creating a new section, this is what opens when you click '+ Section.' If the section already exists, you can hover over the section number and select the blue 'Open Section Editor' button. In the section editor, navigate to the 'Meeting Patterns & Rooms' card.

Both methods will take you to the room selection modal, which should look pretty familiar. Just like instructors and meeting patterns, you will notice that the rooms are organized by preference fit. In this case, EH100 fits all the instructor and section preferences, and it is available, making it a great choice for this section. 

If you want to see the preferences and why Coursedog thinks each room is a good or bad fit, just hover over the ‘i’ for more information. When you have made your selection, simply click the room and it will be assigned to the section. 

6.3 Assigning Rooms via the Optimizer

Instead of manually selecting rooms for each section, you can leave that to the Coursedog optimizer. The optimizer will automatically assign rooms that satisfy all preference and rules, if possible. In this course, we will show you how to set up your sections to prepare for the optimizer. The optimizer run is usually handled by an admin user, but if you want to learn how to run the optimizer, check out this detailed guide.

In order to have a successful optimizer run, you must have done the proper set up. Most of this was taken care of in the Section Configuration module. Anything that might affect when the section should be scheduled should be filled in - room preferences and enrollment settings are two important examples. 

Finally, make sure that you have ‘Optimize Rooms’ set to yes for any section you want to be scheduled by the optimizer (Note: if you do not see 'Optimize Rooms' as a field in the Section Editor, check in with your admin to make sure that they have added the pre-built 'Optimize Times' and 'Optimize Rooms' fields into their Section Template Forms). Sections that have been assigned manually or have ‘Optimize Rooms’ set to 'No' will not be assigned a meeting pattern by the optimizer.

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