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ROOMS: FAQs & Troubleshooting

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How can I assign a TBA room?


  • Much like you can select “TBA” for a meeting pattern, if a section needs to have a room assigned, but the room is not yet known or the class is held online, users at non-integrated schools can add a “TBA” room to the section.

  • If your school is integrated and the room assignment is unknown, you should leave the “room” field blank (and then use rules to manage and detect empty room assignments). You can learn more about Section Rules here.


How to Do It

PATH: Academic Scheduling > Section Editor > (Click on Course > (Click on Section)


Step 1: Navigate to the above path. 


Step 2: Scroll down to the “Meeting Patterns & Rooms” card. 


Step 3: Click into the “Room” field to assign a room.

Step 4: Click “Select TBA”. 

Additional Notes

  • If a room assignment is required per Section Rules, the TBA room will remove the conflict from the section.

  • The room optimizer does consider TBA as a room assignment, and will not assign a room when a section has TBA assigned.

How can I add room photos?

Overview | Adding Room Photos in Event Scheduling | Adding Room Photos without Event Scheduling


If you add photos to a room’s profile, that means users will be able to see what the room looks like when assigning rooms in the Section Editor. How you go about adding room photos depends on whether or not your institution also uses Event Scheduling


Adding Room Photos in Event Scheduling

Room photos added in Event Scheduling will appear in Academic Scheduling as well. So if you have Event Scheduling, use that product to add room photos.


  1. Click the bento box icon to easily switch to Events. 

  2. See this article for instructions.



Adding Room Photos without Event Scheduling

If your institution doesn’t have Event Scheduling, reach out to your Customer Success representative for assistance.

What is the sort order of rooms returned when assigning a room?


When you are looking to assign a room to a section, the rooms will be returned in the following sort order: 

  1. First by preference fit, with rooms that have a higher preference fit at the top. 

  2. All rooms with the same preference fit will be sorted alphabetically via the display name field. 

Additionally, search queries and filters are used to remove rooms from the results. However, all rooms that appear as results will only be sorted by preference fit and then display name (alphabetically). 

How can I sort rooms using custom fields?

If you wish to filter for rooms in the Section Editor, then the values you want to filter by need to either be in the Room Type or Room Features fields.


Rooms Are Not Displaying

Problem Overview | Cause & Solution Overview | Solution One (Current Scheduling Term)
Solution Two (Releasing Rooms)

Problem Overview

Rooms are not displaying in the "Assign Room" modal for a Section; you can't change the room of any sections; or the "Assign Room" list is showing as empty.

Cause & Solution Overview

Rooms could fail to display for one of the following reasons: 

  1. Current Scheduling Term has incomplete data – This can be resolved by setting a new value for Current Scheduling Term, and then switching back to the old value.

  2. Rooms haven’t been released – If you release all rooms for scheduling, rooms will then appear as expected. 

  3. Permissions – If you are searching for a room and it does not appear, you may not have the permissions to assign that room. The "Assign Room To Sections" permission can be used to restrict which rooms a user can assign based on the user's role and the room attributes. You can learn more about role permissions here.

  4. Allowed Sections field isn’t populated – The “Allowed Sections” field is used to ensure a room is only allowed to be assigned to a subset of sections, with the subset being defined using filters. 

  5. Effective Dating – If the room has its effective date fields populated, the room may not be effective for the time frame of the section.

  6. Hide in Scheduling – If the room has its "Hide In Scheduling" field set to YES/true, it will also be hidden. 

Solution One (Current Scheduling Term)

Step 1: Navigate to Academic Scheduling > Settings > Terms.

Step 2: 

  • Switch the Current Scheduling Term to a new value or create a Test Term.

  • To switch, simply click into the term that is currently displayed; a dropdown menu will then appear.

Step 3: Click on the displayed Term below the Current Scheduling Term.

Step 4: Switch back to the desired Term.

Step 5: Return to editing the section and assign a room. 

Solution Two (Releasing Rooms)

  1. Navigate to Academic Scheduling > Rooms 

  2. Follow the instructions on releasing rooms found here.

Unable to Filter by Rooms

Problem Overview | Solution Overview | Steps to Fix

Problem Overview

You apply Course & Section Filters to filter by room, but the room doesn't appear in any records.

Solution Overview

This will happen if you "View By Courses" instead of "View By Sections" if rooms haven't been assigned to courses but have been assigned to individual sections. In which case, you will want to "View By Sections" before applying the filter.


Steps to Fix

  1. Open the Section Editor (Academic Scheduling > Section Editor).

  2. In the top right of your screen, click on "Change View".

  3. Select "View By Sections" in the dropdown that appears (see screenshot below).

  4. Add and/or apply your desired filter.

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