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Managing Integration Errors

Integration Errors Report

In the reporting dashboard, there is now a tab for Integration Errors that will display a list of all sections that encountered an error during the last integration. Each row is clickable, so users can open up the section editor directly:

From the product menu on the top right access the Admin console and ensure you have added yourself to receive merge notifications:

You can choose to receive emails only when synchronization issues are encountered, or else nightly whenever the automated synchronization executes.

You will receive emails from Coursedog with details regarding the synchronization:

To rectify or review issues access the Admin console and locate the report containing the errors:

Expand the section containing the errors:

In the Errors section of the report you will find a reason for the failure:

You can then decide if the scheduler was doing something incorrectly in Coursedog such as deleting meetings and leaving the assigned instructor still configured or if there are errors that require the Coursedog customer success team to assist.

Lastly Sections displayed in the Section Editor will show a "red" error icon if that section has experienced an integration error during the last merge.

Note: If a section has both a conflict and an integration error, the section row will only display the icon for the integration error (as there is only space for 1 icon). This icon is only visible to users who have the View Section Integration Status permission.

Please reach out to a Coursedog Services team member to provide your team with a user reference guide created specifically for the SIS your institution is integrated with. This guide will cover all known/common merge/integration errors for your SIS, the cause and the steps for resolution (as well as prevention steps).


  • What does it mean when merges return a “No Coursedog or SIS data found” error? Any action required?

A: This message indicates one of the following:

  1. There is no data in the SIS to retrieve for the given term. Check this first - If this is the case then ignore or resolve in SIS. If not, (i.e. data is expected) this should this be escalated to Coursedog support as it is one of the following:

    1. There was a connection error and the merge failed to retrieve data from the SIS
    2. There was a failure in transformation or processing in the partner (i.e. N2N) integration layer that led to the merge not receiving any data from the SIS.
  • Relationship Integration Errors will not appear in the Integration Dashboard. Relationship Integration Errors will show only in the relationship modal, which is accessible in the Relationship page, or if a user opens up the Section Editor and observes the Relationships section.

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