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FORMS: Form Routing

Table of Contents

Form Routing & Effective Dating
Best Practices & Requirements
How To Do It
Role-Based Outcomes
Editing/Deleting Form Routing
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  • Form routing in Coursedog’s Curriculum Management platform dynamically answers the question “What kind of form are you looking for?” for end users who submit their proposal via the “+ New Proposal” button on the Curriculum homepage.

  • The feature ensures that end users are presented with (and thus submit) the correct form for their intended purposes by routing them through a series of questions.

  • For many institutions, the Coursedog platform comes preloaded with a Form Routing configuration that reflects the most common scenarios: New Course, Edit Course (Minor or Major Edits), Deactivate Course, New Program, Edit Program (Minor or Major Edits), and Deactivate Program. 

Form Routing & Effective Dating


When an end user is routed to an edit or delete/archive form (for a course OR program), they will be prompted to set an Effective Date for the proposal.

Important Note for SISs that Do Not Support Revisions

  • Setting the Effective Date in an edit or delete proposal will result in the creation of new revisions by setting the selected start term/start date as the effective start term/start date in the proposal.

  • If your SIS doesn’t support revisions, do not add Edit/Delete Course or Edit/Delete Program forms to form routing. Instead, encourage users to propose edits by navigating to the course or program page and selecting “Propose Changes” there. 

Best Practices & Requirements

  • Best practice is to wait to configure Form Routing until after all form creation/configuration is complete. 

  • In order to be able to select a given form, the form must be published. You can check whether a form is published by navigating to “Forms” on the left nav and reviewing the “Published” column in that dashboard. 

  • As noted above, if your SIS doesn’t support revisions, do not add Edit Course or Edit Program forms to form routing.

  • Learn more about creating, configuring, and publishing forms.

How To Do It

Step 1: Once you’ve configured and published your forms, navigate to Curriculum Management > Settings > Form Routing.

Step 2: Input a label for the first question, e.g. “Are you looking to initiate a Course or Program proposal?”

Step 3: Click “+ Option”. 

Step 4: 

  • Input a dropdown option where it says “Option Text”. 

  • Common examples include “Course” and “Program”.

  • Click “+ Option” as many times as needed to add additional dropdown options. 

Step 5: Click “ + Outcome” to determine what will appear next if an end user clicks that option. 

Step 6: 

  • Click either “Add Question” or “Add Form” depending on what should happen if a user selects this dropdown option.

  • If their response should result in a follow-up question, click “Add Question”. 

  • If their response should direct them to a form, click “Add Form”. 

    • Once you have added a form as the outcome, that will mark the end of the form routing for that option.

Step 7 (Adding a Question)

  1. If you are adding a question, input that question in the “Question title” box. 

    • For example, if an end user selected the “Course” dropdown option, the “Option Outcome” for “Course” could be “Are you looking to Propose a New Course?”

  2. Click “Close”. 

  3. Click “Question >” to configure options for that question. 

  4. Continue adding follow-up questions, dropdown options, and outcomes for each option until “add form” is the desired outcome.

Step 8 (Adding a Form):

  1. After clicking “Add From” for the outcome, select the desired form from the dropdown menu.

  2. Form options will vary depending on how your institution has named its forms. 

  3. Click “Close”.

Step 9: Repeat steps 5-8 until all options lead to a form. 

Role-Based Outcomes

  • Outcomes can be configured in the platform for specific Roles.

  • By default, all outcomes are shown to all user roles, but by simply unchecking the “Allow all user roles...” box, administrators can specify outcomes by role type.

Editing/Deleting Form Routing

Deleting Options

To delete an entire option, including its outcome, click the trash can icon to the far right of the option. 

Deleting Outcomes

If you wish to change an outcome from a question to a form, or vice versa:

  1. Click into the outcome. 

  2. Click the trash can icon in the “Set outcome” modal. 

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