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COURSES: Course Code Management


Coursedog validates the course number in the course inventory to prevent duplicate course numbers.

How It Works

  • A course number input into the “Course Number” field is checked against other courses in the inventory to ensure there are no duplicate course numbers.

  • In cases where the course number is duplicated across different courses, the user will receive an error message.

  • A subject code must be input before the course number is input, otherwise an error message will be generated.

Archiving Course Codes

  • The pre-built “Archived” field available in “Course Template Fields” allows you to archive a course code.

  • Selecting “yes” archives the course code, allowing the code to be utilized by other courses.

  • Users will be able to check these boxes manually or send Coursedog a list of courses that should be “archived” during the implementation for a bulk update.

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