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Course Sets


Coursedog allows you to define sets of courses to make completing requisite requirements easier for your end users. You will have the option to define a set as a defined static list, or as a dynamic set of rules. 

Defining a Static Course Set

Defining a Dynamic Course Set

Coursedog allows you to define a dynamic course set using a list of filter criteria. For example, you could define a set of common core courses for all entering freshman that may be used on nearly every proposal as a requisite. 

The following filters are available from the Course and Program Templates. 

  • Description
  • Departments
  • Course Title
  • Components
  • Topics
  • Credits
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Requisites
  • Subject Code (e.g. Bio, Math)
  • Course Number (e.g. 101)
  • Career
  • Designation
  • Grade Mode
  • Instruction Mode
  • Can Schedule
  • Catalog Print
  • Schedule Print
  • Blind Grading
  • Course Attributes
  • Registration Mode
  • Status

Static course sets can include multiple layers of nested AND / OR logic. 

Within the course set modal and within the static type, users will see the below. In the “all of” select box, users can select “all of” or “any of”. This sets a global rule (either AND or OR) for all of the child rules of the global rule. 

Users are able to add child rules, which allows users to select a course.


If a user wants to turn a child rule from a single course to a set of multiple courses, or even a nested set, users can click the “convert into group” button next to the desired row.  

This creates another group with a global “all of” or any of” option. 

A user can build one more nested group within this nested group. 

In the below example, we have an “any of” group indicated by the grey box. Within this “any of group,” we have two child “all of groups.” This means that within this course set, students must take any of the two child groups. 

To remove a group, click the “-” button. Note that removing a group will also remove its children. 

Using a Course Set

When submitting a proposal you will have the option to include requisite information. On the Requisite card there will be a "Course Set" as a condition. Select it and then search for the course set that was defined earlier. 

The Name of the course set will show up in the proposal during the approval process. 

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