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Voting on Event Requests

Table of Contents

Requests Dashboard Breakdown
Voting on a Request
Additional Notes
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If your responsibilities include approving event requests, you can manage all of those requests via the Requests Dashboard in Events. 

Requests Dashboard Breakdown

Overview | Requests Dashboard Tabs | Columns | Saved Views | Export Results


  • Navigate to Events > Requests to view your Requests Dashboard. 

  • The Requests Dashboard will show all of the requests created by and/or assigned to you. 

  • After event requests are submitted, if you are in the approval workflow, the event will appear under the “Vote Required” column on your instance. You will also receive notifications.


Requests Dashboard Tabs

Vote Required | Assigned to Me | Created by Me | All Requests | Archived Requests

Vote Required

Includes all requests where you must cast a vote to move the request along the workflow. For all intents and purposes, this is where you should go for your “action items”.


Assigned to Me

  • Shows requests that you did not create where you have yet to vote or where you were intended to vote before someone else force approved (and the request was therefore entirely approved, therefore no longer requiring their vote).

  • This tab is helpful, amongst other things, for record-keeping purposes, as it shows events you have already voted on.


Created by Me

Only shows requests you created.


All Requests

Shows all requests in the system, regardless of whether or not you are associated with it.


Archived Requests

  • Shows the requests that were archived (by users with the “Archive Requests” permission set to ALLOW). Anyone with that permission can archive a request by opening it and selecting “Archive Request” in the upper right-hand corner of the Proposal Toolbox (shown below).

  • Archiving a request removes it from all tab views, except for the “Archived Requests” tab, to help clean up all other dashboard views. 

  • Archived requests will be further noted with a visual label (shown below).

Archiving a Request

Viewing an Archived Request


All request/proposal pages have a "Columns" component that allows you to configure which columns are displayed, and the order of those columns.

For example, there is a column called "Current Step Age", which indicates how long the request has been on the current step.

Saved Views

You can save the combination of columns and filters into saved views, which you can learn more about here.

Export Results

Click the “Export Results” button to export request data into a CSV file, which will apply the filters and columns you have selected.

Voting on a Request

  1. Click the “Voted Required” tab to see Event Requests assigned to you.

  2. Select the request from the list that appears.

  3. Review Event Request details on the left-hand side of the screen. 

  4. Vote on the request via the “Request Toolbox” on the right-hand side of the screen.

  5. Click “Submit Decision”. 

Additional Notes

  • Depending on how the Event Form is set up, some fields might not be visible and/or editable by those submitting the request – these fields are meant solely for the use of approvers or Coursdog admins at your institution. Review the request details/submission carefully for any such fields.

  • If an Event is successfully approved, the Event will be automatically updated in the “Events” list and the Public Site.

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