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Approving An Event Request in the Coursedog UI

If you are a user that has approval responsibilities for requested Event Types you will be able to manage all event requests that require your review in the Coursedog Events UI . The ‘Requests’ tab in the dashboard (left hand navigation) is the central location to approve and track event requests. 

After event requests are submitted, if you are in the approval workflow, the event will appear under the ‘Vote Required’ column on your instance. You additionally will receive notifications. Vote Required’ includes all requests where the user must cast a vote to move the request along the workflow. For all intents and purposes, this is where users should navigate to for their ‘action items’.

Assigned to Me’ shows requests  that the user did not create where they have already voted, have yet to vote, or where they were intended to vote before someone else force approved (and the request was therefore entirely approved, therefore no longer requiring their vote). This tab is helpful, amongst other things, for record-keeping purposes, as it shows events the user has already voted on.

Created by Me’ shows the same items as ‘Assigned to Me’, but in this case the requests was created by the user themselves.

All request/proposal pages have a "Columns" component that allows users to configure which columns are displayed, and the order of those columns.

For example, there is a column called "Current Step Age", which indicates how long the request has been on the current step.

Users can also save the combination of columns and filters into saved views, that can easily be accessed in the top right of the Requests dashboard.

Lastly, users can export the request data into a CSV file, which will apply the filters and columns the user has selected.

Select the request from the list that appears to see more detail and vote/approve if you are a resource that action is required of. 

In the request detail page you will be able to review the event request details, the status, take action/vote if a decision is needed from you, review the approval workflow of the event request and any associated activity with the event submission. 

Note: There may be fields in the event request form that should be utilized by the approver(s). These fields may have been left unfilled by requesters or they may have been hidden from requesters and meant solely for the use of approvers or users of another Role type in the Events platform. Review the request details/submission carefully for any such fields. 

If an Event is successfully approved, the Event will be automatically updated in the ‘Events’ list and the Public Site.

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