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ROLLOVERS: Rollover Basics

Table of Contents

Sections Rollover
Relationships Rollover
Instructor Preferences Rollover
Rollover Configuration
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  • The rollover functionality allows certain users to copy scheduling-related data from a prior term into a new one.

  • Rollovers can be saved as a draft that can be edited and/or executed later. Once executed, it cannot be modified nor executed again. 

  • There are three types of rollovers: 

    • Sections Rollover

    • Relationships Rollover

    • Instructor Preferences Rollover

  • Any institution can roll instructor preferences in Coursedog, but rolling sections and relationships in Coursedog is only recommended for non-integrated schools. This is because: 

    • Certain section fields cannot be rolled over in Coursedog.

    • With Coursedog's rollover functionality, you will not be able to preview all section data prior to executing the rollover. Only basic section/course information will be visible. 

    • Coursedog does not have the ability to POST section deletions, therefore manipulating section data following the rollover will be especially difficult.

  • If an integrated school has strong reasons to believe that rolling over in Coursedog is the right approach for their institution, that should be raised at the beginning of their implementation process as it requires an extended project timeline to support additional testing. 


  • Only users with roles defined as "Super Admin" or "Admin-Scheduling" are permitted to both view and execute rollovers.

  • Field-level visibility permissions (i.e. who can see which fields when editing sections) do not apply in the rollover. When executing a rollover, a user will see all fields that are in the system. 




Academic Scheduling > Rollovers 


Sections Rollover

  • A Sections Rollover will copy ("roll over") Sections and Courses "From Term" into "To Term."

  • Users can select which Sections/Courses – and which Sections fields – they want to copy.

  • Rolling sections in Coursedog isn’t recommended for integrated schools. 

  • If you’re a non-integrated school, see “Rollover Configuration” below for next steps. 

Relationships Rollover

  • A Relationships Rollover will copy Relationships "From Term" into "To Term."

  • Users can select which Relationships – and which Relationships fields – they want to copy.

  • Rolling relationships in Coursedog isn’t recommended for integrated schools. 
  • If you’re a non-integrated school, see “Rollover Configuration” below for next steps.

Instructor Preferences Rollover

  • An Instructor Preferences Rollover copies preference fields between terms.

  • Users can select which preferences should be copied, including general preferences and course-specific preferences.

  • All schools should be able to perform an Instructor Preferences Rollover, as this information is only stored in Coursedog and not your SIS. 


Rollover Configuration

General Setup | Configuring a Course-Only Rollover

General Setup

No matter which type of rollover you are pursuing in Coursedog, you will first review General Settings to determine which fields will roll; review Exceptions to determine which classes/preferences/relationships to exclude; and then hit “rollover”. The following steps are specific to a Sections Rollover, but the same basic rules apply to all three.


Step 1: Select “Perform a New Rollover” 

Step 2: Select the type of rollover you wish to perform.

Step 3:  

  • Select the term you would like to roll from using the dropdown menu on the left. 

  • Select the term you would like to roll to using the dropdown menu on the right.


Step 4 (General Settings):

  • Review the listed fields; make sure anything you would like to have copied over is selected. 

  • If rolling sections, note some section fields are automatically excluded from rolling; you can learn more about those here.


Step 5: Hit “NEXT” to review exceptions.

 Step 6 (Exceptions): 

  • To exclude a row from the rollover, uncheck the corresponding box.

  • If rolling sections:

    • You can select to “View by Sections” or “View by Courses” at the top of your screen (under the progress bar).

    • All courses and sections from the “From Term” are selected by default. 

    • To exclude any courses or sections from the rollover, simply uncheck the box next to that course or section or leverage the Course & Section filters by selecting “Filter”.

      • Note that Instructor filters are available for Instructors Preferences rollovers. Filters are not available for Relationships rollovers.

    • If a course is excluded from the rollover, all sections of that course will also be excluded. In other words: even if you have sections checked to be rolled over, if the parent course is unchecked, that will override the section-level selection and exclude all of the course’s sections from the rollover.

    • If you’d like to copy only some but not all of a course’s sections, toggle to “view by courses” to make sure the course itself is checked. Then, toggle back to “view by sections” and uncheck any sections you do not want to copy in the rollover.


Step 7Select “NEXT” to the right of the progress bar.


Step 8: Select “ROLLOVER” to complete the process.

Configuring a Course-Only Rollover

  1. Start a Section Rollover.

  2. In General Settings, uncheck all boxes (except for Section Number, which cannot be unchecked)

  3. In Exceptions, uncheck all Sections

  4. Perform the rollover

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