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ROLLOVERS: Relationships Rollover FAQs


My school has a standard SIS. Can we perform a Relationships Rollover in Coursedog? 

Generally speaking, you should roll over Relationships using your SIS rather than Coursedog. Some SISs do support rolling over Relationships in Coursedog; however, you will want to wait a couple terms and discuss with your Customer Success Manager before attempting.  

What happens to the value of fields excluded from the rollover?

If you opt to exclude a field, it will roll over with an empty value.

What will happen if any section of the Relationship does not yet exist in the "To Term"?

In this scenario, the Relationship will be rolled over without the section that doesn't yet exist in the "To Term". For example: If a relationship exists between "BIO" and "MATH" but "BIO" isn't yet present in the "To Term," then the relationship will be rolled over with only "MATH."

Are rollovers additive? 

Yes. A rollover will add new or update existing sections by ignoring the ones that were created manually or from a previous rollover on that term. It is possible to first roll over certain courses and then at a later stage roll over other courses. The trick is to make sure you do not accidentally select courses/sections that have already been rolled over.


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