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ROLLOVERS: Sections Rollover FAQs

Table of Contents

Excluded Fields
Required Fields
Miscellaneous Questions
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Excluded Fields

Which fields are automatically excluded from a rollover?

All of the following fields will be excluded from a rollover and should be set up manually after the rollover is executed:  


Actual Enrollment (enrollment)

Actual Waitlist (waitlist)

Combination Type (relationshipCombinationType)

Combined Max Enrollment 


Combined Max Waitlist (relationshipWaitlistCapacity)

Courses (relationshipCourseIds)

CRN (callNumber)

Cross-listed Sections (crossEnrolledSections)

End Date (timesEndDate)

End Date (endDate)

Linked Sections (linkedSections)

Name (relationshipName)

Notes (relationshipNotes)

Preferred Room Capacity (relationshipPreferredRoomCapacity)

Relationship (relationshipRelationship)

Sections (relationshipSectionIds)

Start Date (timesStartDate)

Start Date (startDate)

Type (relationshipType)


Instructional Methods

Instructional Method


Instr. Instructional Method



What happens to the value of fields excluded from the rollover? 

Whether a field is automatically excluded or you select to exclude it, it will roll over with an empty value and should be set up manually after the rollover is executed.


How can I exclude professors from a rollover?

To exclude professors from a rollover – and ensure all instructor-related data is removed – be sure to uncheck both Instructors (professors) and Professors Meta (professorsMeta) from the "Section Fields" screen before performing a rollover (Scheduling > Rollovers > Perform New Rollover > Sections).


What happens if I don't exclude professors from a rollover?

If you roll over instructor data, the next time Coursedog syncs with your SIS, Coursedog will rely on that data to assign instructors to specific meetings. In other words: Instructor assignments will be recreated.


Why can't fields like "Start Date" and "Actual Enrollment" be rolled over? 

Terms generally exist in different timespans, so rolling them over could cause confusion and be problematic. For example, if you copy dates from "Spring 2021" to "Fall 2021," your fall dates would be outdated/inaccurate.

Should I roll over rooms if I plan to use the Optimizer to schedule rooms? 

No. The Optimizer will ignore sections with rooms assigned, so you wouldn't get any results

Required Fields

Why must the "Section Number" field be rolled over? 

The "Section Number" is crucial for a system's integrity and, thus, must be rolled over.


Miscellaneous Questions

My school is integrated. Can we perform a Sections Rollover in Coursedog? 

Integrated schools should roll over Sections using your SIS rather than Coursedog. Go here to learn more. 

What happens if some Sections in "From Term" already exist in "To Term"? 

Coursedog will not roll over Sections for which Course ID and Section Number are the same as any Section in "To Term." In other words: You can't add missing fields to existing sections by performing a second section rollover with just those missing fields selected.


Can I roll over a Section without rolling over the Course it belongs to?

No. Whenever a Course is selected as an exception, we will not roll it over, and we will not roll over any of its Sections (regardless or whether or not any of these Sections are selected as exceptions).


Can I roll over some but not all of a course’s sections?

Yes. You can find instructions on how to do that here


Can I roll over a Course without rolling over any of its Sections?

Yes. It is possible to execute such a rollover, where we're basically copying an "empty" Course. Learn how to do that here.


Will Rule Exception approvals for a Section in "From Term" carry over to the section in "To Term"?

Yes. When a Section has some approved rule exceptions, and we roll it over to a future term, the section in the future term will still have that rule exception approved (no rule violation or warning attached to it). This is because rule exceptions are stored directly on section.ruleExceptions, which is not excluded from the Rollover, so this field is preserved (still exists in the future term).


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