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ROLLOVERS: General Rollover FAQs

Can all schools perform a rollover using Coursedog? 

It depends on what you wish to roll over and your school's SIS. Generally speaking, you should use your SIS to roll Sections and Relationships. Some SISs do support rolling over Sections and Relationships in Coursedog; however, you will want to wait a couple terms and work with your Customer Success Manager before attempting. Instructor Preferences, on the other hand, may be rolled in Coursedog regardless of your SIS. 

Who can view and/or execute a rollover?

Only users designated as "Super Admin" or "Admin-Scheduling" are able to both view and execute rollovers. 

Can I roll over a term that already ended? 

Yes. There are no restrictions "from" or "to" which terms users can roll over. Users will see a warning whenever their selected "To Term" is before the "From Term", but there's nothing preventing us from executing such a rollover. 

Can I roll over to the same term multiple times? 

Yes. There are no restrictions on how many times rollover can be executed to the same term. 

Does using Filter and/or Search limit what you roll over? 

Yes. Whenever you're using either Filter or Search, the data that appears in your results will be the only data that we'll roll over. For instance, if you initially see two Courses: "Math" and "Bio", and you Filter so that you only see "Bio" now, that means we will not roll over "Math" as it is no longer among the listed results.  

When filtering you can use nested AND/OR logic within the Course & Section Filters within Section Rollovers and within the Instructor Preferences rollover. This will make it easier to filter to exactly the group of sections and preferences you want to rollover.

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