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Adding Subpages - All Catalogs

Table of Contents

How to Do It
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  • Subpages are additional pages that you are able to add to Custom Pages in your Catalog.

  • A Subpage is primarily used as a piece of related content that you want linked to a page, but separate from that page’s content.

  • Subpages appear as links under the title of your Custom Page.

  • Subpages will only appear on Custom Pages, as this functionality is not available for Prebuilt Pages at this time.

How to Do It

Step One: 

  • On the Page Editor for your Custom Page, click the “Add a Subpage” Button.

  • This will create a new tab under the “Page Tabs” section that has the same WYSIWYG editor as your primary Custom Page.

Step Two: 

  • Input relevant information.

  • You can add a page name, fill out text, and upload images just as you can for a normal custom page.

Step Three:

  • When you finish editing your subpage, click “Publish Changes”.

  • Your subpages will appear on the public-facing Catalog as links underneath the Custom Page Title. 


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