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Catalog Metadata - All Catalogs


PATH: Catalog > Pages > (Select Any Page to Open “Page Editor”) > Page Details

  • In the page editor, you can add “page metadata”. 

  • Adding page metadata to your catalog aids with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by increasing the likelihood of people finding your site via search engines as they look for specific keywords and phrases. 

Available Page Metadata

You can add the following fields to each Catalog page: 

  1. Page title

  2. Page description – This is a brief abstract that summarizes your page. We recommend a max of 65 words.

  3. Page thumbnail – Add an image that will appear in search results next to the catalog page.

  4. Page keywords –  Add tags that accurately capture content for this page. Keywords can be separated by a comma or just press “enter” after each keyword. 

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