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Using the Sidebar Builder - Contemporary Catalog

Table of Contents

Widget Options
How to Do It
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  • The Sidebar Builder allows you to easily customize and configure your catalog sidebar, giving you additional space to promote content throughout your catalog. 

  • The Sidebar Builder is composed of two separate sections: a canvas and a widget library.

  • Administrators can drag and drop pre-built widgets onto a canvas.

  • Sidebar content will appear on all pages (Custom and Prebuilt) except for your course, program, department landing pages and your homepage.

  • The Sidebar Builder is only available for the Contemporary Catalog. 

Widget Options

There are six types of sidebar widgets to choose from. Each type, along with its available settings, is shown in the table below. 

Widget Type

Description / Available Settings


  • Heading Size – Small, medium, and large.

  • Text Alignment – Left, center, and right.

  • Underline 

  • Strikethrough 

Text Block

  • Text size

  • Text alignment

  • Bold font

  • Italic font

  • Underlined text

  • Strikethrough text


  • Upload image

  • Alt text (recommended for accessibility standards)

Call to Action (CTA)

  • Allows you to create hyperlinks or buttons to add to the sidebar.

  • CTA Url – Add the URL of the link you want the CTA widget to lead to. 

  • Link Title – Input a name for this link.

  • CTA Type – Link or Button.

  • Open in a New Tab – If you want the user to be directed to the URL in a new tab, select “Yes”; if you want the link to open in the existing tab, select “No”.

  • Compacted – 

  1. Link – Select “YES” to keep the link on the left side of the sidebar canvas; select “NO” to place the link in the center of the sidebar canvas.

  2. Button – Select “YES” to keep the button on the left side of the sidebar canvas; select “NO” to make the button the full width of the sidebar canvas. 


  • Places a solid line on the sidebar canvas.

  • Often used to break up content or highlight a specific section. 

Line Break   

  • Creates additional space on the sidebar canvas. 

  • Often used to add space between articles or sections of content added to the sidebar.

How to Do It

Step 1: Navigate to Catalog > Settings > Sidebar to open the sidebar builder.

Step 2: Drag a prebuilt widget from the widget library (left side of page) onto the canvas (right side of page). 

Step 3: Once you’ve dagged a widget onto the canvas, click into the field to see widget settings appear on the left side of your page.

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