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Setting up Curriculum Forms

Editing Forms


Forms allow for administrators to define what information must be collected in a valid proposal. The most common proposals include New Course Forms, Edit Course Forms, and Edit Program forms. Coursedog provides a configurable, digital form builder that allows users to define what information must be collected within a form. 

Accessing Forms

To access the Forms Dashboard, select Forms on the left navigation.

You will be taken to the Forms dashboard where you can see all of the existing forms or create new forms.


By clicking on an existing form or selecting ‘+ Add Form’, you will see that a form is simply a template of cards and fields that manifests into an interactive form when a user goes to complete the specified action--like propose edits to a course. 

At any time while editing your form, you can select ‘Preview’ in the upper right corner to interact with an example of what the form would look like. 


Forms are made up of cards. In the image above, you can see the Governance card. Cards hold specific data fields and questions. Some cards, such as Requisites have extended functionality and cannot be customized. 

To create a new card, click the + button on the top right of an existing card.


The course template can have 2 types of fields:

  1. Prebuilt Fields

    Prebuilt Fields usually relate to specific fields in the SIS or allow for extended functionality in other areas of the Curriculum product

  2. Custom Fields

    Custom fields allow users to add fields necessary for internal processes. These fields do not have any extended functionality.

To add a field, simply drag it from the Question Bank into the template.

Field Settings

Each field has its own settings. You can access these settings by simply selecting the field from within the form template. You will see the Question Settings appear on the left side of the screen. From here you can edit specific settings for each setting.

Field Settings

RBAC is available for individual fields for both the Course/Program template, and all curriculum forms. 

When Editable is disabled the associated Role will be able to fill out the form, or edit the field on the course/program template.

Editable disabled:

Field Settings - Min and Max Number of Characters

The minimum and maximum number of characters in a response to a form question can be specified in the field settings. 

If a user attempts to answer the question under or above the character count thresholds, an error message will appear specifying the error. Note: the user may have to click into the input box and out for the validation message to appear. 

Attaching Workflows to Forms

When a form is submitted, it goes through an approval workflow to be approved. You can select which workflow from the form editor in the top right. 

To learn how to build workflows, check out this article.

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