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Setting Up Organizations (Customers) in Events

3.1 Overview 

Because people may be contacts for customers that are used for event scheduling, the organization list is maintained in the left hand navigation bar.  An organization is a customer, organization, or another entity used in event scheduling to which one or more individual contacts are associated. Both the organization and contact record are used during event scheduling.

3.2 Finding an Existing Organization

Click the Organizations tab on the left hand navigation bar. If you know all or part of the organization name, enter the name in the search field in the top right. Click on an organization name to view additional details.

3.3 Creating a New Organization

Click the Organizations tab on the left hand navigation bar. This will take you to the main organizations dashboard. 

To add a new organization, simply click ‘Add Organization’ and enter the name and type of the organization.

To add contacts or edit the organization, navigate to the organization and select ‘Organization Settings’. You will be taken to the Organization Settings page where you can edit the name, type and contacts of the organization.

Click the checkbox "Send Email Notifications" if you want this person to be notified when organization events are added or edited. To learn more about Automatic Event Notifications, click here.

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