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DEPARTMENTS: Configuring Departments

Table of Contents

Adding, Editing & Deleting Departments
Workflow Settings
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In Curriculum Management, you can organize courses, programs, and proposals by department.


To access your departments, click on Settings → Departments and you will be taken to the departments dashboard.

Adding, Editing & Deleting Departments

Important Note | Adding Departments | Editing Departments | Deleting Departments

Important Note

  • For integrated customers, POST is not supported for Departments.

  • Consequently, adding and deleting departments directly in Coursedog should be reserved for non-integrated customers. 

  • The same restriction applies to most department edits as well, though Coursedog-only fields like Workflow Steps can be edited in Coursedog. 

Adding Departments

To add a department:

  1. Navigate to Curriculum > Settings > Departments

  2. Select “+ Add Department” 

  3. Fill out the Add Department modal. 

  4. Click “Add”. 

Once finished, your new department will appear in the dashboard.

Editing Departments


How to Do It

  1. Navigate to Curriculum > Settings > Departments

  2. Select the department you wish to edit. 

  3. Edit as needed. Edits are saved automatically.

Deleting Departments

  • For non-integrated customers, this can be done via Academic or Event Scheduling. 

  • Integrated customers should not delete departments in Coursedog. 

Workflow Settings

PATH: Curriculum > Settings > Departments > (Select Department) > Workflow Step

  • All proposals go through an approval workflow.

  • If you have proposals that are assigned to specific departments, you can use dynamic steps to automatically generate the workflow step based on that department. 

  • For this to work, you need to configure the workflow settings within each department. From inside the department, select “Workflow Step” and you will be able to edit the workflow settings for this department. This behaves exactly like a standard workflow step.

  • When you add a participant, you will be able to configure their workflow step permissions. Learn more about workflow step permissions for department members here and here.

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