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NOTIFICATIONS: How do I set up a event notifications without requiring approval?


  • Some schools use workflows to notify certain people if an event pertains to them. For example, if the event form has a question asking if food will be served at the event, and if the answer is YES, you might wish to notify someone without actually seeking their approval. In which case, the request would continue in the workflow after the appropriate notification is sent out.

  • The best way to do this is to make use of two workflow steps: One that assesses whether the desired condition has been met (e.g. “Vending Check” below), and another that notifies the appropriate person (e.g. “Vending Notification” below).

How To Do It

STEP 1: Navigate to Events > Settings > Workflows and open the workflow where you’d like to add a notification step.


STEP 2: 

  • Follow the directions here to add a workflow step that includes a logic jump based on the desired filter/condition.

  • An example of a logic jump for this purpose is shown below under Vending Check > Next Steps.

  • Ensure that there are no step participants.


STEP 3: 

  • Add another workflow step wherein the appropriate person is notified if the desired condition is met (or it goes to a different step if the desired condition isn’t met).

  • Add all Users who you’d like to be notified as participants and set their permissions only to “can comment”.

  • Make sure “can vote” is off (i.e. Set to “Cannot vote”) and set the number of votes required for approval/rejection to “0” (This will default to read “Not Set”).

  • An example of a notification step is shown below (“Vending Notification”).


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