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INTEGRATIONS: Crestron FAQs & Troubleshooting

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Is this a one-way or bi-directional integration?

  • This is a one-way integration that looks like this: Coursedog → Google Resource Calendar → Crestron.

  • Any events and edits passing along this one-way street can be expected to be picked up.

  • A change made in Coursedog will be reflected on the Google Resource Calendar and then on Crestron.

  • A change made on the Google Resource Calendar will be reflected on Crestron.

  • A change made on a Crestron display (booking a meeting, canceling a meeting) will not be passed backwards to Google Resource Calendar or to Coursedog.

  • A change made on the Google Resource Calendar will not be passed backwards to Coursedog.

    • This is because the expected behavior and goal of this integration is for users to request events in Coursedog, have those events go through the approval process, and appear on Crestron. 

    • This allows students to see which rooms are open based on the Crestron display and to use those spaces on an ad hoc basis, but not to bypass the room booking process in Coursedog by reserving the space on Crestron.

      • Students CAN still reserve space directly via the Crestron display if that is a setting that you have enabled on your Crestron displays.

How long does it take for new events to appear on the Crestron display?

  • Events should sync from Coursedog to Google almost immediately. It might require a refresh to update the Google Resource Calendar.

  • It should take ~5 minutes for updates to Google Resource Calendar to appear on the Crestron display. This may take up to 10 minutes, but the delay should not regularly take longer than that.

Which Coursedog Events will Appear in Google Calendar/Crestron?

  • Academic events

  • Event Scheduling events

  • All existing events (if you choose to sync existing events)

  • Setup and teardown meetings

  • Recurring meetings

  • All-day meetings

Which Coursedog Events Won't Appear in Google Calendar/Crestron?

  • Pending events

  • Cancelled events

  • Deleted events


Existing Events Aren’t Appearing on My Crestron Displays

  • Ensure that you used the “Sync Existing Events” button in Settings > Integrations.

  • If the status icon next to this button shows that the sync failed, please open a support ticket.

New Events and Event Edits Aren’t Populating on my Crestron Displays

  • First, check Settings > Integrations to ensure that the integration is connected. 

    • If it is, please give the new event or new event edit 10 minutes to be reflected on your Google Resource Calendar. 

    • Then, allow 10 more minutes for it to be reflected on the Crestron. 

  • If the event is not appearing on your Google Resource Calendar:

    • Check that the room where the event is taking place has an associated Resource in Google Workspace.

    • Then check that the correct Crestron display is integrated with that Resource and its Resource Calendar in Google Workspace.

    • Then check that the corresponding Room in Coursedog is populated by the corrected Resource Email from Google Workspace. 

Events are Not Appearing with the Correct Time

  • Ensure that the timezone in Coursedog matches the timezone on Crestron and the timezone in Google Admin.

  • To update the timezone in Coursedog, navigate to Events > Settings > Website > Timezone.

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