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WORKFLOWS: FAQs & Troubleshooting

Dynamic Step is Automatically Approved 

Problem Overview

You’ve created a Dynamic Step in a workflow based on a room or resource, but the step is being automatically approved, or you’re experiencing other unexpected outcomes.

Solution Overview

This will happen if there isn’t an approver assigned to that room or resource and/or the workflow step hasn’t been fully set up. 

Detailed Solution

  • Make sure you have fully configured the Workflow Step for all rooms and resources, including: 

    • Make sure there are participants listed

    • Configure decisions for each participant

    • Define the number of votes required for approval and rejection

    • Define what should happen if the request is rejected at this step

    • Define whether or not there should be a deadline at this step (and what that deadline is, if so)

  • To define the workflow step for rooms, go to Events > Rooms > (Open Room) > Room Settings > Workflow Settings.

  • To define the workflow step for resources, go to Events > Resources > (Open Resources) > Resource Settings > Workflow Settings.

Additional Resources

Additional FAQs & Troubleshooting

Workflow functionality is very similar between all products; go here for more FAQs

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