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NOTIFICATIONS: How can I customize emails sent to authors for requests on the public site?

Table of Contents

Enabling Permissions to Edit Public Notifications

Editing Public Notification Email Templates
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  • You can customize the email templates that will be sent to those who submit an event request via your institution’s public Events site. 

  • These email templates are located at Events > Settings > Workflow Public Notifications. However, they are hidden by default; in order to see them, your permissions will need to be adjusted. 

Enabling Permissions to Edit Public Notifications

In order to be able to edit these email templates, the “Edit Workflow Public Notifications Settings” permission must be set to “Allow” for the applicable role in Settings > Roles > click on a Role > Settings > “Edit Workflow Public Notifications Settings”. This permission defaults to “Deny” for all roles.

Editing Public Notification Email Templates

PATH: Event Scheduling > Settings > Workflow Public Notifications

  • If the above-mentioned permission is set to “Allow”, you will be able to edit the email templates for “Request Created”, “Request Approved”, “Request Suspended”, and “Request Rejected”.
  • These emails will be sent out to the author that generates an Event request via the public site, regardless of Event Type (or Workflow) associated with the request itself.
  • Editing the email template allows you to customize the messaging and insert certain variables if desired (School Display Name, Workflow Decision Comments, etc.).
  • You can learn more about configuring workflow notifications here.

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