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Defining Catalog Filters

Coursedog's curriculum product feeds course, program, department and instructor data into the catalog in realtime. In order to ensure that the correct subset of this data is displayed on each catalog, Coursedog provides users with the ability to define filters for each data type on a catalog by catalog basis.

How to Create a Catalog Filter

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Step 1: Navigate the to the "Catalogs" tab

  • Open the catalog app
  • Click on "settings" at the bottom of the left-side navigation
  • select the "catalogs" tab 
  • select the catalog for which you will define filters
    • this will display the "Edit Catalog" modal: 

Step 2: Creating a filter

  • Click the "EDIT FILTERS" button for the data type of your choice 
  • Define the logic that the filter should use to determine whether or not the relevant data point should be included
    • these fields are pulled directly from the associated data type's template in the curriculum app
    • In order for the filters to work properly, ensure that the text matches exactly (including capitalization)
  • Hit "APPLY FILTER" in the bottom right of the modal
    • you will then be able to view the applied filters from the Edit Catalog modal:

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