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Canceling and Deleting Events

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Related Role Permissions
Canceling an Event
Deleting an Event
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  • When a user cancels an event, “(Canceled)” will be added to the end of the event name in both the Coursedog UI and on your public events site, and the event record will be kept for reference. This makes it easier to keep the room database up to date, notify campus end users of event changes, and manage events as an administrator.

  • Users have a separate option to “Delete” an event. This means that the event is removed from the calendar and that the event record is deleted permanently.

Related Role Permissions

  • The ability to cancel or delete an event is tied to role-based access control (RBAC).

  • Both can be configured by an admin at Events > Settings > Roles > (Select Role) > Events.

  • You can learn more about Events permissions here.

Canceling an Event

How to Do It | Additional Notes | Finding Canceled Events

How to Do It

Step 1: Navigate to Events Management > Events to view the Event List, and then select the event you wish to cancel.

Step 2: Select “Cancel Event” from the list of actions on the right side of the screen.

Step 3

  • You will be presented with an option to cancel or confirm the event cancellation.

  • Select “Yes, Cancel Event” to continue with the event cancellation.

Additional Notes

  • Canceled events cannot be edited. 

  • Once the event is canceled, a “(Canceled)” tag will be appended to the event title on the event record and anywhere the event can be viewed.



Finding Canceled Events

  • Canceled events can be found via the Event url. They will also still show up on the public calendar, but they will be annotated with “(Canceled)”. 

  • They will also show up on the Event List (Events Management > Events) and can be quickly located by applying filters.

  • To apply a filter:

            1. Click “Filter”.

2. Click “Add Filter”. 

3. Create the filter as shown below (Status + Contains + Canceled).

4. Click “Apply Filter”. 


Deleting an Event

  • If you have “delete event” permissions, you can do that by following all of the steps outlined above, except instead of selecting “Cancel Event”, you would select “Delete Event” under "Actions" on the right side of the screen. 

  • Note that if an event is deleted, its record is completely removed; its URL will no longer work; and it will not show up in the Events List. 

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