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Creating a New Event Type


Event Forms, Workflows, and Contracts are associated to Event Types. To navigate to the Event Type building tool, go to the  Settings menu and click on Event Types.

Navigating to the Event Type building tool

To create a new Event Type, click on '+ Add Event Type.'

A new card will appear. To create a new Event Type add the following:

  • Name of event type
  • Description of event type
  • Effective Start Date: when events of this type can start to be scheduled. If effective dates are defined, users can only submit requests through that event type within the effective date range. By default, event types are undefined, making all event forms available. 
  • Effective End Date: when events of this type can no longer be scheduled
  • Days Notice Limit: Each event type has a Days Notice setting, that is used to indicate the minimum number of days in advance a user can request an event. This setting is used to prevent last minute bookings. If the Days Notice Limit = 7, then users must request events that are 8 or more days beyond the current date. If a user selects a date that is within the 7 day limit, the following conflict will show up:

  • Days in Advance Limit: allows admins to specify how far in advance (from the current date) are users allowed to request events for. If rule is violated, the following conflict will appear (for both existing events and for new requests) 

  • Allowed Roles: What roles are allowed to request/add/edit events of this type using an Event Type Form. If no roles are set, all roles are allowed
    • Note that for a user to Add an event directly, they must both i) have the 'Add Event' permission, and ii) be included in the list of Allowed Roles for the Event Type
  • Calendar Color: What color events of this type will appear as in the events calendar
  • Auto Add Setup/Teardown Meetings: If selected, setup and teardown times will be automatically added to event requests based off the selected room and resources. 
    • Note that in order for this to happen, the selected rooms and resources must have default setup times defined and set to 'Not Required' within their Settings (if set to 'Required' within their Settings, users will have to manually add the set up time to the event). 
    • Auto Add Setup/Teardown Meetings will not occur if a user has already defined any setup and/or teardown meetings in the request (i.e. the user's times take precedence and will not be overwritten).
    • Additionally, setup/teardown are not added to all day events because there is ambiguity over when the setup times should be (by default they are added right before/after the event meetings).

Note: If you are a CLASS SCHEDULER customer, you should NOT name an Event Type "ACADEMIC". If you would like to schedule Exam events, you may refer to this helpful article.

The Calendar Color selected is reflected in the Calendar to provide a holistic view of Event Types happening over a day, week, or month.

To access the Calendar view, you may navigate the Events > Calendar View. 

In the week/day view of the Calendar, clicking on the grey boxes will open a calendar modal displaying all events filtered for that time window. Note that any event with start/end times that overlap with the time window will also be displayed. For example, if you are viewing events from 8-9AM the modal will also show all events that overlap with that time range, such as an event from 7-10AM.

Adding an Event Form, Event Workflow, and Event Contract

You will be returned to the Event Types Window. Select your newly created Event Type and begin to build out your Form settings.

A new card will appear. Select Create New Form or Copy an Existing Form.

To create a new form, follow the documentation here.

To copy an existing form, enter the form Name, select the Form to Copy from the drop-down, and select the Workflow to copy from the drop-down.

Editing or Deleting an Event Type

Institutional needs change and may dictate that an Event Type be modified or deleted. If you need to delete an Event Type, or edit the Event Type Name, Description, or Calendar Color, you can do so by clicking on the blue pencil (Event Type).

To edit an Event Type, simply overwrite the desired fields.  When editing an Event Type, specifically if you rename the Event Type, all associated forms and workflows will be removed.  Make sure to assign a form (by either creating a new form or copying an existing form) and assigning the workflow again.  

To delete an Event Type, click on Delete Event Type.

Editing or Deleting an Event Type Form

If you need to edit, preview, or delete the Event Type Form, you can do so by clicking on the blue pencil (Form).

To edit, preview, or delete the Event Type Form, click on EditPreview, or Delete.

Editing or Deleting an Event Type Workflow

To assign a new workflow, you can do so by clicking on the blue pencil (Form)

Select Approval Workflow drop-down menu.

To edit the assigned workflow, you can do so by clicking on the blue pencil (Workflow).

To edit Workflow, follow the documentation here.

Editing or Deleting an Event Type Contract

To assign a new contract, you can do so by clicking on the blue pencil (Contract)

Event contracts can be added to each event type using a WYSIWYG editor.

To edit and learn more about contracts, follow the documentation here

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