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WORKFLOWS: Setting Up Event Workflows

Table of Contents

Dynamic Steps
Logic Jumps
Example Workflow
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  • Workflows in Event Scheduling are very similar to those in Academic Scheduling, with a few exceptions. Namely: Workflows in Event Scheduling also include dynamic steps. 

  • Learn more about setting up dynamic steps below.

  • Learn more about workflow basics here.

  • Learn more about creating the foundation for a workflow here.

  • Learn more about customizing workflow notifications here.

Dynamic Steps

Overview | How to Do It | Dynamic Step Action


  • Coursedog provides the ability to add dynamic steps into Workflows for both Resource Approvals and Room Approvals.

  • Dynamic steps are ones in which the specifics of the request (i.e. the specific room or the specific resource(s) requested for the event in the event form) are dynamically generated and added to the workflow based on the the request submission (that a specific room or resource was requested in the Event Form submission). For example, if you add Room Approvals as a dynamic step in your Workflow, then when Event Types associated with the workflow are submitted and specific rooms are requested, that specific room’s workflow (owner/contact person/approver) will be triggered as part of the approval process.

  • If you are utilizing Dynamic Steps, ensure that Room Settings and Resource Settings have workflows properly defined (see Review Room Settings and Review Resources for further details).

How to Do It

  1. To add a dynamic step, click the blue "+ Add Dynamic Step" button at the top of the workflow editor.

  2. Select one of the two types of dynamic steps: room approvals and resource approvals.

  3. Ensure the step is in the appropriate order (relative to other steps in your workflow) to reflect the approval process you desire.

Dynamic Step Action

  • When the request reaches a dynamic step, the action it takes depends on the room or resource that it is requested. 

  • This action is detailed in the settings of the relevant room or resource.

  • To edit workflow settings for a room, go to: Events > Rooms > (Click Room) > Room Settings > Workflow Settings.

  • To edit workflow settings for a resource, go to: Events > Resources> (Click Resource) > Resource Settings > Workflow Settings.

Logic Jumps

  • Generally speaking logic jumps in Events work the same as they do in other products, which is outlined here

  • One option for logic jumps that is unique to Events is the ability to select “Is Weekday” or “Is Weekend” as a logic jump condition.

  • Note that in Coursedog, “Weekend” begins Saturday at 00:00:01 a.m. and all of Friday is treated as a weekday. 

Example Workflow

You can configure your workflow(s) to meet your institution’s needs, but here’s an example “Event Approval” workflow. To zoom in for a better view, you can download the PDF(s) attached at the bottom of this article.


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