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What is the difference between Room Contacts and Room Owners?

In the Coursedog Events platform, you can easily manage Rooms and the people associated with each room by assigning contacts and owners to each room, but what’s the difference?

Both contacts and owners can be found under Rooms → *Specific Room* → Room Settings


Contacts are people that should be notified about events in a specific room. By adding a contact, any event booked or updated in that room will send that user a notification within the Coursedog platform. Only contacts with Send Email Notifications set to Yes will also receive those notifications directly by email. See more about automatic event notifications here.


The owners field is simply a place to designate the owners of a room. Adding an owner currently has NO functionality when it comes to notifications or workflows. This is strictly for organizational purposes. If you want to assign specific people to the workflow step for a room, you can do that in the room’s Workflow Settings.

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